Ph.D. Students

Shikha Khandelwal

(Joined 2015)

M.Sc.: Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya, Indore (2013)

Project: Developing cobalt-based hydrogen production electrocatalysts


Personal trivia: Shikha likes to play badminton and read story books whenever she finds time outside the lab.


Afsar Ali

(Joined 2016)

M.Sc.: Aligarh Muslim University, UP (2012).

Project: Construction of copper-based complexes for

oxygen reduction reaction


Personal trivia: Afsar is the only early riser in our lab

and he follows a strict diet of nutritional food.


Ab Qayoom Mir

(Joined 2016)

M.Sc.: Jamia Milia University, Delhi (2015)

Project: Designing photosensitizer-catalyst adduct for efficient

solar-driven hydrogen production from water

Personal trivia: Qayoom likes cricket and he believes that he can replicate Dale Steyn during local games.


Dependu Dolui

(Joined 2017)

M.Sc.: Central University, Punjab (2017).

Project: Incorporating enzyme-inspired outer coordination sphere

functionalities around the cobalt-based complexes to improve

their catalytic performance

Personal trivia: Dependu loves to cook and paint in his free time. He has a travel bucket list of unknown places that he would like to complete in the next few years.


Srewashi Das

(Joined 2018)

M.Sc.: Tezpur University (2015)

Project: Developing non-amino acid-based outer coordination

sphere features around active hydrogen production catalysts

Personal trivia: Srewashi finds her solace in gardening and

baking delicious foods.


Santanu Ghorai

(Joined 2018)

M.Sc.: Scottish Church College, University of Calcutta (2017).

Project: Optimization of outer coordination sphere functionalities

around cobalt complex core for efficient Hydrogen production 

Personal trivia: Santanu likes to travel and read fiction in his leisure.

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M.Sc. Students

Somnath Guria

M.Sc. 2019-21

IIT Bombay