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Subir Panja

(Joined 2020)

Ph.D.: IACS, Kolkata (2020)

M.Sc.: RKMRC, Narendrapur, Kolkata (2014)

Project: Probing electrocatalytic organic transformations


Personal trivia: Cricket is a passion for Subir. If you can not find him in the lab he is probably getting recharged with some quality sleep.

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Tarik Aziz

(Joined 2021)

Ph.D.: Bar-Ilan University (Ramat-Gan, Israel)  (2020)

M.Sc.: R.T.M. Nagpur University, Maharashtra (2014)

Project: Developing heterogeneous platforms fro electrocatalytic reactions


Personal trivia: Aziz is an admirer of different coffee flavours. Apart from research, Tarik likes to spend his time by following motivational books and videos.

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Siddarth Jain

(Joined 2022)

Ph.D.: IIT Indore  (2020)

M.Sc.: Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya (2013)

Project: Probing heterogeneous electro-active materials for CO2 conversion


Personal trivia: Coming soon.

Mahendra Awasthi (Superviser: Prof. G. K. Lahiri)

(Joined 2022)

Ph.D.: IIT Indore  (2022)


Project: Developing novel pathways for CCUS technology implementation


Personal trivia: Mahendra likes to read books and play cricket. He also relaxes listening to music and playing guitar. The rest of his time he spends in lab.

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Surabhi Rai

(Joined 2022)

Ph.D.: IIT ISM Dhanbad  (2021)

M.Sc.: IIT-BHU (2016)

Project: Exploring electrocatalysts for small molecule activation reactions


Personal trivia: Coming soon.

Ph.D. Students

Dependu Dolui

(Joined 2017)

M.Sc.: Central University, Punjab (2017).

Project: Incorporating enzyme-inspired outer coordination sphere

functionalities around the cobalt-based complexes to improve

their catalytic performance

Personal trivia: Dependu loves to cook and paint in his free time. He has a travel bucket list of unknown places that he would like to complete in the next few years.


Srewashi Das

(Joined 2018)

M.Sc.: Tezpur University (2015)

Project: Developing non-amino acid-based outer coordination

sphere features around active hydrogen production catalysts

Personal trivia: Srewashi finds her solace in gardening and

baking delicious foods.


Santanu Ghorai

(Joined 2018)

M.Sc.: Scottish Church College, University of Calcutta (2017).

Project: Optimization of outer coordination sphere functionalities

around cobalt complex core for efficient Hydrogen production 

Personal trivia: Santanu likes to travel and read fiction in his leisure.

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Naseer Ahmed

(Joined 2020)

M.Sc.: Aligarh Muslim University (2018)

Project: Developing metalloprotein based O2 reduction catalysts

Personal trivia: Naseer likes to snow skate and trek (he is from the beautiful valley of Kashmir). He also enjoys playing cricket.



(Joined 2020)

M.Sc.: Aligarh Muslim University (2018)

Project: Developing Enzyme-inspired H2 production catalysts

Personal trivia: Tea is Gul's first love while she also takes interest in Shayeri. She likes to play Badminton in her free time.


Abhishek Saini

(Joined 2020)

M.Sc.: IIT Gandhinagar (2019).

Project: Developing metalloprotein based H2 production catalysts

Personal trivia: Abhishek is a sports enthusiast and actively participates in table tennis, football, and cricket. He is a budding poet and likes to stay fit with rigorous exercise. Being adventurous, he grabs any opportunity to travel and explore different places. For him to travel is to live.


B. Rajeshwaree

(Joined 2020)

M.Sc.: Utkal University (2019)

Project: Developing bio-inspired CO2 reduction catalysts

Personal trivia: Raji is a passionate follower of lawn tennis. Roger Federer and Naomi Osaka are her all-time favorites. She also keeps up do date with current affairs.

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Anwesha Banerjee (Supervisor: Prof. G. K. Lahiri)

(Joined 2020)

M.Sc.: Scottish Church College, University of Calcutta (2019)

Project: Developing material-molecular electrocatalyst dyads for small molecule activation

Personal trivia: Anwesha often tries her hand at baking and marveling at Nigella Lawson's creations. She also shares an interest in music, painting, and travelling.


Chandan Das  (Supervisor: Prof. G. K. Lahiri)

(Joined 2020)

M.Sc.: University of Calcutta (Rajabazar Science College) (2019)

Project: Developing molecular catalysts for CO2 reduction

Personal trivia: Chandan is an ardent follower of Swami Vivekananda. Chandan is an excellent cook and he can prepare several delicious bengali dishes.


Sukanta Saha  

(Joined 2021)

M.Sc.: IIT Guwahati (2020)

Project: Developing molecular catalysts for H2 production

Personal trivia: Sukanta likes to play football swim in his free time. He is a passionate supporter of MohunBagan football club. He has dream to travel various parts of the world to learn more about the beautiful earth.


Thinles Dolkar  

(Joined 2021)

M.Sc.: IIT Kanpur (2020)

Project: Developing molecular catalysts for small molecule activation

Personal trivia: Thinles loves traveling and exploring places where she has never been before. She is a music lover. She is fond of writing and doing photography as a cathartic experience.



(Joined 2022)

M.Sc.: IIT Gandhinagar (2020)

Project: Exploring photocatalytic CO2 conversion pathways

Personal trivia: She likes to dance and sing, and hone her skills as a public speaker. She has a long bucket list of places to travel that she is going to cover soon.

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Somnath Guria 

(Joined 2022)

M.Sc.: IIT Bombay (2021)

Project: Developing molecular catalyst for CO2 conversion

Personal trivia: Somnath is an excellent cook of Bengali cuisine. He is also an ardent cricket follower.


Vaibhav Trivedi  (IITB-Monash student)

(Co-supervisor: Sankar Bhattacharya/Monash & Vikram Vishal/IITB)

(Joined 2022)

M.Tech.: IIT Gandhinagar (2019)

Project: Developing converters for CO2 utilization.

Personal trivia: Vaibhav is an active badminton and cricket player. He wishes to catch the sight of Northern Lights one day.


Monodip Pal  

(Joined 2022)

M.Sc.: IIT Kanpur (2021)

Project: Developing catalyst for biomass-driven H2 production

Personal trivia: Monodip is a wanderer and he likes to explore and discover new places with anew perspective.  


M.Sc. Students

Akash Ghosh

M.Sc. 2020-22

IIT Bombay

Project: Developing O2 reduction catalysts 

Personal trivia: Akash is an ardent follower of cricket and he never misses any match where Indian team is involved. He dreams to travel to new places and grasp the multicultural essence of human society. 

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