Subir Panja

(Joined 2020)

Ph.D.: IACS, Kolkata (2020)

M.Sc.: RKMRC, Narendrapur, Kolkata (2014)

Project: Probing electrocatalytic organic transformations


Personal trivia: Cricket is a passion for Subir. If you can not find him in the lab he is probably getting recharged with some quality sleep.

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Ph.D. Students

Dependu Dolui

(Joined 2017)

M.Sc.: Central University, Punjab (2017).

Project: Incorporating enzyme-inspired outer coordination sphere

functionalities around the cobalt-based complexes to improve

their catalytic performance

Personal trivia: Dependu loves to cook and paint in his free time. He has a travel bucket list of unknown places that he would like to complete in the next few years.


Srewashi Das

(Joined 2018)

M.Sc.: Tezpur University (2015)

Project: Developing non-amino acid-based outer coordination

sphere features around active hydrogen production catalysts

Personal trivia: Srewashi finds her solace in gardening and

baking delicious foods.


Santanu Ghorai

(Joined 2018)

M.Sc.: Scottish Church College, University of Calcutta (2017).

Project: Optimization of outer coordination sphere functionalities

around cobalt complex core for efficient Hydrogen production 

Personal trivia: Santanu likes to travel and read fiction in his leisure.

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Naseer Ahmed

(Joined 2020)

M.Sc.: Aligarh Muslim University (2018)

Project: Developing metalloprotein based O2 reduction catalysts

Personal trivia: Naseer likes to snow skate and trek (he is from the beautiful valley of Kashmir). He also enjoys playing cricket.



(Joined 2020)

M.Sc.: Aligarh Muslim University (2018)

Project: Developing Enzyme-inspired H2 production catalysts

Personal trivia: Tea is Gul's first love while she also takes interest in Shayeri. She likes to play Badminton in her free time.

Abhishek Saini

(Joined 2020)

M.Sc.: IIT Gandhinagar (2019).

Project: Developing metalloprotein based H2 production catalysts

Personal trivia: 

B. Rajeshwaree

(Joined 2020)

M.Sc.: Utkal University (2019)

Project: Developing bio-inspired CO2 reduction catalysts

Personal trivia: Raji is a passionate follower of lawn tennis. Roger Federer and Naomi Osaka are her all-time favorites. She also keeps up do date with current affairs.

Anwesha Banerjee (Supervisor: Prof. G. K. Lahiri)

(Joined 2020)

M.Sc.: Scottish Church College, University of Calcutta (2019)

Project: Developing material-molecular electrocatalyst dyads for small molecule activation

Personal trivia: Anwesha often tries her hand at baking and marveling at Nigella Lawson's creations. She also shares an interest in music, painting, and travelling.

Chandan Das  (Supervisor: Prof. G. K. Lahiri)

(Joined 2020)

M.Sc.: University of Calcutta (Rajabazar Science College) (2019)

Project: Developing molecular catalysts for CO2 reduction

Personal trivia: Chandan is an ardent follower of Swami Vivekananda. Chandan is an excellent cook and he can prepare several delicious bengali dishes.


M.Sc. Students

Somnath Guria

M.Sc. 2019-21

IIT Bombay