Organopalladium Intermediates in Coordination-Directed C(sp3)-H Functionalizations


A. S. Suseelan, A. Dutta*, G. K. Lahiri*, D. Maiti*

Trends in Chemistry, 2021, 3, 3, 188-203

Bio-inspired Cobalt Catalyst Enables Natural-Sunlight-Driven Hydrogen Production from Aerobic Neutral Aqueous Solution


D. Dolui, S. Das, J. Bharti, S. Kumar, P. Kumar, A. Dutta* 

Cell Reports Physical Science

2020, 1, 1, 100007.

Perturbing the AIEE activity of pyridine functionalized α-cyanostilbenes with donor substitutions: an experimental and DFT study


P. Jana, M. Paramasivam, S. Khandelwal,

A. Dutta, S. Kanvah

New Journal of  Chemistry

2020,44, 218-230.

Enzyme-inspired synthetic proton relays generate fast and acid stable Cobalt-based H2 production electrocatalysts


D. Dolui, S. Khandelwal, A. Saikh, D. Gaat,

V. Thiruvenkatam, A. Dutta*,

ACS Catalysis

2019, 9, 10115−10125. 

(Selected as front cover figure)

Developing photosensitizer-Cobaloxime hybrid for solar-driven H2 production in aqueous aerobic conditions


A. Q. Mir, D. Dolui, S. Khandelwal, H. Bhatt, B. Kumari, S. Barman, S. Kanvah, A. Dutta*

Journal of Visualized Experiments (JoVE) 

2019, 152, e60231, DOI:10.3791/60231.

Plasmonic gold nanoprism-Cobalt molecular complex dyad mimics Photosystem-II for visible-NIR illuminated neutral water oxidation


A. Q. Mir, G. Joshi, P. Ghosh, S. Khandelwal,

A. Kar, R. S. Hegde, S. Khatua*, A. Dutta* 

ACS Energy Letters

2019, 4, 2428-2435. 

(Selected as supplementary cover figure)

Plasmonic CoO-Decorated Au Nanorods for Photoelectrocatalytic Water Oxidation



P. Ghosh, A. Kar, S. Khandelwal, D. Vyas,

A. Q. Mir, Arup L. Chakraborty,

R. S.  Hegde, S. Sharma,

A. Dutta*, S. Khatua*

ACS applied Nanomaterials

2019, 2, 5795-5803.

A Nanotube-Supported Dicopper Complex Enhances Pt-free Molecular H2/Air Fuel Cells


S. Gentil, J. K. Molloy, M. Carrière, A. Hobballah, A. Dutta, S. Cosnier, W. J. Shaw, G. Gellon, C. Belle, V. Artero, F. Thomas, A. Le Goff* 


2019, 3, 8, 2020-2029.

Inclusion of peripheral basic groups activates dormant cobalt-based molecular complex for catalytic H2 evolution in water


S. Khandelwal, A. Zamader, V. Nagayach,

D. Dolui, A. Q. Mir, A. Dutta*

ACS Catalysis

2019, 9 (3), 2334–2344.

Branching Effect on Triphenylamine-CF3 cyanostilbenes: Enhanced Emission and Aggregation in Water 


B. Kumari, S. Singh, R. Santosh, A. Dutta,

S. Mallajosyula, S. Ghosal, S. Kanvah* 

New Journal of Chemistry

2019, 43, 4106-4115.

Emission and Color Tuning of Cyanostilbenes and White Light Emission


B. Kumari, M. Paramasivam ,

A. Dutta*, S. Kanvah*,

ACS Omega

2018, 3 (12), 17376–17385.

(*Corresponding author)

Chemical Method for Evaluating Catalytic Turnover Frequencies (TOF) of Moderate to Slow H2 Oxidation Electrocatalysts


A. Dutta*, W. J. Shaw* 


2018, 38, 6, 1311-1316.

(*Corresponding author)

Designing electrochemically reversible H2 oxidation and production catalysts


A. Dutta*, A. M. Apple, W. J. Shaw,

Nature Reviews Chemistry

2018, 2, 9, 244–252.

(*Corresponding author)

Bio-Inspired H2 Production Catalysts (Mini-Review)


D. Dolui, A. Dutta*

Research and Development in Material Science

1(5). RDMS.000524. 2017

Publications during Ph.D. and Post-doc research

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