Project 1: Incorporating enzyme-inspired

outer coordination sphere to improve

hydrogen production catalysis


Strategy: Incorporating enzyme-inspired outer coordination sphere

features around existing cobalt complexes



Goal: Improve their electro-catalytic performance and overall stability



Project 2: Developing bio-inspired photosensitizer-electrocatalyst

adduct for facile photoreduction of water to hydrogen 




Strategy: Employing an interactive link organic/inorganic/

nanomaterial-based photosensitizer to active molecular catalyst


                                                   Goal: Photocatalytically produce hydrogen from neutral

water under natural sunlight



Project 3: Constructing copper-based oxygen reduction

catalysts following the blue print of

multi-copper oxidase enzyme



Strategy: Develop multi-nuclear copper complexes confined

in a redox active ligand scaffold for

active oxygen reduction



Goal: Produce energy efficient and fast oxygen reduction

catalyst that can replace platinum in

proton exchange membrane fuel cell

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